We are a multidisciplinary design studio, creating delightful digital experiences for the real world.

We’re in the midst of a technological shift.

We expect our digital and physical worlds to align seamlessly, and we demand the same of the products and services we use too.

NEEEU is the handshake in the middle. We bring digital and physical realities together, along with a deep understanding of how upcoming technologies can be used to address people’s needs and desires.


Turning a room into a 360 interactive display

Research , design , implementation

How can we help to transform Factory Berlin, a co-working space, into a place where creative energy is free to materialise?

Together with Riverside Studios, we are developing an open interactive experience space, the first of its kind, with 360 audio visuals & complete interactivity. This is a vibrant space where unexpected things happen. A space that will work as a platform for future collaborations with a diverse range of artists and makers.