Client: Futurium

Breathing life, soul, and creativity into a space

We were asked to design an interactive experience for the Futurium, an ambitious new space in Berlin combining art, technology and design. The large room on the lower floor—the Futurium Lab—needed a center piece that would inspire visitors to engage with the space and get creative.

Let's Not Play The Silent Game

We began our research process with some of one of the most creative user groups out there: children. By listening closely and watching them interact with our prototype, we started to understand that the main challenge was to overcome the slightly intimidating atmosphere of the vast space. During our research, we observed that the cavernous space made people shy and quiet. But this was a space dedicated to invention and creativity! We immediately knew we had to do something radical about it.

Unleashing Creativity

So, how could we engage visitors of all ages to break loose, get playful and creative – and perhaps a little crazy? Our solution: Make them shout! And clap! And whistle! In order to facilitate a creative atmosphere, we knew we had to bring some energy into the space. This is why we designed an interactive game controlled by sound rather than simple button pressing. The game invites people to clap, shout and cheer, activating the space and bringing the lab’s creative spirit to life.

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