Client: Humboldt Forum

A Meaningful Design for the Humboldt Forum Visitor Guide

A group of people sitting at the Büro für Leichte Sprache in Berlin and testing the accessibility of the visitor guide in an iPad

The Humboldt Forum is an ambitious museum project offering a manifold look to the past, present, and future of world cultures. As a major new cultural institution at the heart of the German capital, the Humboldt Forum wanted their visitor guide app to be useful, playful, and to stand as an example of accessibility.

A Neeeu designer presents early concepts at an ideation workshop in Berlin, while gesturing at a map of the Humboldt Forum.

Designing together

Using an inclusive and human-centered design process, we are working closely with the teams of the various institutions present at the forum to ensure that the guide offers a respectful and responsible perspective on the collections. This is particularly important as the Humboldt Forum is hosting—among other things—two large ethnographic collections. The approach to the design, as well as the tone of the guide, therefore, needs to take into account the sensitive nature of various elements of the collection.

A group of people are talking about early sketches for the visitor guide while at a ideation workshop in Berlin

We organised and facilitated several workshops with various stakeholders and collaborators, both within and outside the institutions, conducted interviews and built several prototypes, mockups, and wireframes.

Four wireframes showing proposed layouts for the visitor guide

With our prototypes ready, we ran usability tests with identified target groups, including people with cognitive impairments.

An accessibility expert is showing a group of people a prototype of the visitor guide

Based on the insights we gathered in this research and development phase, we are now refining the UX and UI of the web-application for release. This project is ongoing. Stay tuned for updates!

Three iPhone mockups showing part of the home page of the Humboldt Forum visitor guide

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