Purple Friday: A binaural audio adventure game

client: NEEEU product


A hologram for your mind

Purple Friday is a first-person audio adventure game that takes place entirely in your imagination. The entire game world exists without visuals, it is instead presented through voice acting and 360 binaural audio. This exciting, time-bending adventure was designed to be accessible for the visually impaired.


A journey through time

You start as a new janitor at TimeCo, The Time Travel Agency. Your mission is to clean up the mess from time travellers, to prevent disturbances in your timeline. The game’s inclusive audio-based gameplay makes it an exciting adventure for sighted and blind players alike.

Accessibility in a game

Designed in cooperation with the German Association for the Disabled and Visually Impaired (DBSV e.V.), this audio game is a kind of "virtual reality" for your ears. The fine balance of binaural sound design, voice recordings of professional actors and room sounds, allows an easy entry for all players into an exciting and eventful world. Through acoustic signals and narrative storytelling, the player is encouraged to interact and combine with objects in the virtual environment.


Point... and listen

Purple Friday uses an original game mechanic that combines sound, haptics and motion tracking to give players an immersive experience of the game world. Players can aim their phone around to reveal objects around them, interact with them, and navigate the world.