Redefining retail experiences at Molton Brown’s flagship store

client: Molton Brown


A delightful mix of physical senses and digital assets.

In-store retail experiences are witnessing a fast and radical change from refined warehouses for customers to holistic experiences. Along with Molton Brown and Point Blank, we redefined the Molton Brown experience around a central piece that merges physical and digital worlds.



How could we encapsulate the essence of fragrances into a delightful interactive experience at the Molton Brown flagship store?

Mixing the realities in the retail experience

The shopping experience becomes an immersive sensory journey that uses Augmented Reality to guide the customers to find their ideal fragrance.


A visual language for each core ingredient

This experience builds a poetic and evocative virtual layer over the central furniture piece of the store. Individual essences perform before your eyes and intertwine with the fragrances in the air.


From strategic design to final implementation

Alongside the wonderful team of Molten Brown and the research and innovation company - Point Blank, we walked the whole path from the initial inspirational workshops to the final installation at the store.


A new standard for Molton Brown’s in-store experience. What began as a single store project is now becoming an integral part of the retail strategy of the company. These experiences are currently being extended to stores in airports and other key locations across the UK.