Our Team

We'RE a group of tech-savvy, creative and curious minds with a broad range of SKILLS AND BIG HEARTS.


our team

Nice to meet NEEEU!

We are a multidisciplinary group of designers, technologists, and creative professionals from all over the world. Our team members are super talented and we encourage everyone to work across disciplinary boundaries.

drawing of Raffael Moco Schiller
Raffael Moco Schiller

Co-Founder, Creative Director

drawing of Javier Soto Morras
Javier Soto Morras

Co-Founder, Design Director

drawing of Emma Boileau
Emma Boileau

Interaction Designer

drawing of Laurence Ivil
Laurence Ivil

Editorial Lead

drawing of Miska Mathe
Miska Mathe

3D Artist

drawing of Alice Havrileck
Alice Havrileck


drawing of Paulina Rams
Paulina Rams

Graphic Designer

drawing of Lutz Reiter
Lutz Reiter


drawing of Ingo Randolf
Ingo Randolf

Technical director

drawing of Miguel Alvarez Bordils
Miguel Alvarez Bordils

Developer and #1 of your heart

drawing of Tiffi Waldeyer
Tiffi Waldeyer

Studio Manager

drawing of Norman Wassmuth
Norman Wassmuth


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We currently don't have any open positions, but we're always excited to hear from people who'd like to work with us!

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