Our Expertise

We believe the best design comes from a combination of technical expertise and a deep understanding of people and their context.


what we do

Strategy, design and development

We offer a whole host of services that can help you to create innovative, ethical and human-centred products and services.

Research and Strategy

We are a research and strategy partner focused on uncovering opportunities that can make a positive impact for you and others. In an increasingly noisy, uncertain and competitive world, we ensure smooth sailing by offering approaches that place user needs and your organisational strategy at the centre.

User concept development

Digital strategy

User Research

Customised Workshops

Discovery sprints

Strategic Digitalisation


The amazing designers at NEEEU can help see through the clutter and turn abstract ideas into beautiful and usable products. From compelling User Journeys to Interfaces or 3D animations. We’re ready to meet your design needs.


Graphic design

Data driven design

Service design

User journeys

Design sprints

3D visualisations


Sound design

Physical prototyping


We know how to build things that work and last. We have deep expertise in developing interactive products, web technologies and immersive experiences. Our agile methodology adapts to the most innovative endeavours.

Web development

Native App development

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

AI and machine learning

Mechanical and electronic development


We know how to tell rich and compelling stories. Creativity and dramaturgy is woven throughough everything we do and everywhere we do it. And there’s method and structure to the poetry. Let’s tell stories together!

Narrative design

Script writing

Interactive storytelling

Data Visualisation

Visual asset creation

our approach

Our process is defined by a basic set of rules that guarantee relevance and success.

Research and strategy

We always ask why.

Being able to do something doesn't mean we should do it. In every step of a project, we assess the impact that our decisions could have on society, the environment and the well-being of others. We methodically analyse the potential consequences of our ideas. We ask ourselves questions as broad as “Is this actually a problem worth solving?,” or as specific as “Could this feature be used to harm marginalised groups?” For the team at NEEEU, it's not just something nice to have, it is a moral imperative that drives our every decision.

as seen in this project


as seen in this project

Human focus

We put people first.

The key to design and technology is understanding what people need, desire and are motivated by. Involving all stakeholders in the development process and empathising with those we serve is critical for success. This is why we employ a qualitative and human-centred approach to gain meaningful insights. Some call it user research, but for centuries it was called “simply being a good listener”. And it's one of our favourite things to do.

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We test, learn, improve and repeat.

We believe the best way to test ideas is to make them tangible as soon as possible. From rough paper prototypes and experiential videos to coded functional experiences, we love creating complex designs and we know how to do it fast. From early on, we learn by building prototypes and testing them. But more than merely testing them, they also help us explain concepts to project stakeholders in an engaging way.

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Play is the highest form of research

A playful mindset is the best way to productively tackle complex design challenges. Sure, some of our projects deal with serious topics, but that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves too seriously. Fun encourages creative problem solving and makes us more open to new solutions. This is why we always make sure to inject a measure of play in everything we do. Not only does it make the work more enjoyable for everyone, it also leads to better results in the end. So, wanna come play with us?

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