Using AI to Enhance Exhibitions - Gropius Bau Prisma

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Access through Artificial Intelligence

Gropius Bau Prisma is an app that responds to visitors' individual needs and makes exhibitions and information more accessible. It allows visitors to translate exhibition texts and have them read aloud, activate subtitles in different languages during events and ask Prisma questions about the exhibitions and works on display.

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The Challenge

Museums and exhibition spaces strive to provide access to their diverse and rich content, but ensuring everyone gets the full experience is tricky. Language barriers, accessibility needs, personal preferences and the sheer volume of information can make this a tough task.

The result

Gropius Bau Prisma, a smart, AI-powered app, tackles these challenges head-on. It understands individual preferences and needs, providing a personalised experience. It is designed to make exhibitions more accessible and engaging by addressing the diverse needs and preferences of museum visitors.

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Provide written and spoken exhibition texts in 37 seven languages

Prisma supports automated translations in 37 languages. This feature helps to save space and comply with accessibility standards, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the art without language barriers.

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Listen to any text

Prisma allows visitors to take photos of any exhibition text, which will automatically be read aloud to them so they focus on the exhibition. This system is automated, without the need to generate and maintain databases.

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Automated Content Processing

The app's AI backend automatically processes and updates exhibition content, including labels, research documents, videos and books. This minimises the need for manual maintenance and ensures that all information is up-to-date and easily accessible. The app evolves and learns through time.

Tailor Communication Styles to Visitor Preferences

Prisma adapts to the visitor's preferred communication style, whether it's technical, funny or using simplified language. This flexibility ensures that all visitors can understand and appreciate the exhibits regardless of their background.

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Adapt all text to simple language with a single tap

The AI system built for Prisma can provide the whole exhibition text in plain language for visitors.

Inclusive Live Events with Real-Time Subtitles and Translations

Prisma provides real-time subtitles and translations during live events, making it easier for attendees to follow along, regardless of their language or the quality of their hearing. This feature enhances the inclusivity of museum events.

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Sign Language videos Integration

Prisma can recognize artwork text and show related sign language videos (or any other media content), making the exhibitions accessible to visitors who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The Collaborative Design Process

Our journey to create the Gropius Bau AI tool is guided by principles of inclusive design and continuous feedback. We've engaged with communities, experts, and visitors to understand the diverse ways people interact with art. This collaborative approach has been instrumental in shaping a tool that is technologically advanced while also deeply empathetic and inclusive.

The benefits of Prisma

Higher visitor engagement, improved accessibility and time saved in content management.

Before, I had to change glasses to read and missed a lot of information. Now, with this app, I can listen and enjoy the exhibitions much more.

— Audrey, 68