The Abelam Guide - A tool to enhance guided tours with Mixed Reality

client: museum4punkt0 - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin


Enhancing interpersonal mediation at the museum with augmented reality.

Together with Museum4Punkt0, we developed a new multimedia format to give visitors to the collection of the Ethnological Museum in the Humboldt Forum Berlin a new, immersive impression of the world of the Abelam people in Papua New Guinea.


The challenge

Whether you’re preserving fragile artefacts or ensuring the safety of museum visitors, it’s not always possible to interact with historic exhibits. Can certain technologies allow visitors to overcome these barriers to interaction? Can technologies even enhance the visitor experience and help curators move beyond pure object mediation?

The solution

An interactive AR Guide that enables museum guides to provide context to their stories by sharing on the spot interactive audiovisual content to all members of their audience.

Take control your audience's devices

Real time control of the audience devices allows guides to use images, videos and even Augmented reality to provide additional context to museum objects or exhibits.


Reveal hidden exhibits

Show the hidden objects or reveal inaccessible structures that lie behind the scenes of the museum and give your audience access to in depth information through interactive Augmented Reality 3D assets.


Create your own tour!

Create your own tours and complement them with any content of your choice. Let your guides personalise and organise their tours the way that suits them best. Structure the content as you wish and get started.

Duban App

The interface


It is possible to control the images and videos shown in the audience devices in real time.


The tour is presented in a step-by-step mode that allows you to go through the different parts with a single button press.


Mini games can be added to the tours/experiences. They are a great way of helping the visitors engage even further with the exhibition.

The application expands the narrative possibilities of the guided tour experience.

— Museum4punkt0