The Freude.Flower - A multisensory experience for BMW's new magazine

client: The Game / BMW


A magazine of a new kind: We augmented BMW's magazine FREUDE.FOREVER with a marvellous flower

Under the direction of Franziska Goppold at The Game in Munich we developed a multisensory AR-experience in the new issue of FREUDE.FOREVER.

A magical multisensory augmented reality experience.

We crafted a moment of poetry and calm.


The Freude.Flower on a journey.


The Freude.Flower in the alps.


The Freude.Flower back home in Iceland.

An image that illustrates the project

How does a digital flower smell?

The Freude.Flower was developed and designed by the perfumers Fischersund in Iceland. They reimagined what’s possible when you combine the real with the virtual, opening up a new world of floristry. Founded in 2017, Fischersund is a family-run perfumery and art collective that harnesses the creative expression of siblings Jónsi (of acclaimed post-rock band Sigur Rós and self-taught nose), Lilja, lngibjörg, Sigurrós, and their partners Sindri and Kjartan. Photo by Marzena Skubatz

An image that illustrates the project

The Freude.Flower – a magical experience.

By pointing your phone at the magazine a flower magically emerges from a drop of water. As it has a very fragile and vulnerable inner core protected by an armour of water, the flower twitches when touched by the viewer. Whilst the flower slowly unfolds its leaves, tendrils and petals, Inga from Fischersund recites a poem in Icelandic language – alltogether a beautifully dreamy and otherwordly experience.

What does "new" mean?

FREUDE.FOREVER No. 2: THE NEW NEW - The second issue of FREUDE.FOREVER magazine presented by BMW gets to the bottom of the question of the nature of the new - what does "new" actually mean?

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