Aero One - Play Augmented Reality Music around you!

client: NEEEU Product


Pushing the boundaries of musical visualisation

As part of our ongoing exploration of the interaction possibilities of augmented reality, we released Aero One: an app that lets you place virtual instruments and audio recordings in space. Wave your phone like a virtual drumstick and hear the music come out of thin air!

Immersive audio in your pocket

We built Aero One to push the boundaries of interaction design in mobile AR. With Aero One, you can place virtual instruments in the space around you and play them using your mobile device as a 6DoF controller. NEEEU developed several AR audio prototypes NEEEU over the years. Aero showcases some of our more promising experiments in a playful package.

Move sounds in space!

At the core of Aero One is an augmented reality sandbox that lets you place audio bubbles in the 3D space around you. To play them, you physically move your smartphone into the bubble you want to play. The app also lets you record your own sounds to create your own custom instruments or place voice messages in space. To mix things up and give people something to play with out of the box, we added a collection of pre-made instruments like a harp, a drum kit and...a duck.

Download Aero One!

You can download Aero One for iOS . If you notice any bugs or glitches, please let us know at [email protected].