AI Sound Worms - Breathing life and creativity into a space through AI and animations.

client: Futurium, Berlin


Using AI and Machine Learning to create an interactive space that unleashes creativity.

Designed as a place that combines art, science and technology, the Futurium needed a centrepiece that would inspire visitors to engage with the space. With that in mind, we developed an interactive experience that would encourage and explore the use of creative powers!


The Challenge

How to help young visitors to overcome the intimidating atmosphere of the Futurium and inspire them to express themselves creatively?

Get inspired and play!

In order to facilitate a creative atmosphere, we knew we had to build up some energy in the space. This is why we created a game that would encourage visitors to get loose and playful.


More than simply pressing buttons

We developed an interactive sound-controlled game that invites people to clap, shout and cheer, bringing the lab’s creative spirit to life.


Learning from the experts in fun

In order to understand how to best build the game, we consulted the undisputed specialists in having fun: children. By listening closely and watching them interact with our prototype, we understood the challenges we faced and how to overcome them.

Soundworm app

Learning through play


An accompanying app to explain machine learning


The Interactive app uses animations and interactive mini-games to explain the concepts behind Machine Learning in an intuitive way


experiment with parametric design!