Future Walk - A futuristic self-guided audio tour in the Kulturforum

client: museum4punkt0 - Staatliche Museen zu Berlin


Future Walk

Future Walk is an interactive Storytelling Experience for the Kulturforum in Berlin that connects the surrounding museums and exhibitions in a playful way through a science fiction inspired narrative, interactive soundscapes and location based technology. The narrative experience creatively links the Kulturforum Berlin, Gemäldegalerie, Kunstgewerbemuseum and the Musikinstrumenten-Museum.

The museum of the future

What is the role of museums in our present day cities? What is their future role? How can museums attract a new generation of visitors? We set out to find out how to best implement changes in the Kulturforum and how best to embrace the latest technologies in the process.

The future is now

The Future Walk app


An interactive storytelling experience at the Berlin Kulturforum


Analyse and bring art pieces to life in Augmented Reality


A different experience in each museum


A compelling dystopian narrative

In a distant future where most of the Kulturforum’s artworks have been destroyed, a curator desperate to recover the knowledge of the past is now using experimental technology to communicate with the past and recruit unlikely allies: the museum’s visitors from our present. Guiding each of the visitors, she accompanies them on their tour of the various exhibitions, sending them on quests throughout the various buildings and revealing stories about the place. The visitors, little by little, uncover more details about their guide and the future she lives in.


Designing the visitors’ journey

Future Walk is an audio first experience. Visitors navigate the space and are guided through the story by the voice of the main character - Andrea. Upon entering a certain location, GPS triggers activate specific events (a message, a sound or a vibration) that invites visitors to engage playfully. The interaction with the phone is reserved for very specific moments in the journey.


Evocative and immersive music and sound design.

The soundtrack of the experience, along with the sound design, was created by Ah! Kosmos. The wondrous soundscape transforms the mindset of the visitors, preparing them for the immersive dramaturgical experience.

"Future Camera"

In order to show information to the curator, the audience is asked to point the phone towards elements of the exhibition. This triggers the Augmented Reality “hero moments'' by showcasing information and animations.


Using speculative design to imagine potential futures

We worked alongside the wonderful people at NORMALS to create a beautifully detailed world for the characters to inhabit. Finding the answers about the future of the museums is not an easy task, but the rich and lively dramaturgical landscape carries you there.


Navigation using spatial storytelling

To help navigate the Museums, Andrea sends the visitors some navigation clues in the form of annotated maps and pictures.


Learning through entertainment

During the entire experience, the visitor learns from an enormous set of data and stories about the museums and their collections. And if visitors want to go even deeper, there is a possibility to read the “info pages” of the art pieces.

A rich Future World, by NORMALS

Future Walk takes place in a rich future world which comes from the imagination and research of N O R M A L S.

Here you can find a link to the Publication, download it and learn more about the world where Future Walk takes place.