Lost in Time Time - an interactive archeological adventure

client: LWL-Museum für ArchÄologie


Lost in Time Time reimagines the Museum Experience.

"Lost in Time Time" is an interactive, immersive tour set at the LWL-Museum of Archaeology in Herne, Germany.  It combines theatrical performance, mixed reality technology, and escape room elements. The experience is navigated with the help of a Guide and supported by external screens and iPads, which come alive with puzzles, videos, and augmented reality interactions. 

It's a shame that there is not a second part of the tour yet

— Mehmet, 15 years old

Watch the Trailer in full screen and with sound on for the best experience

An image that illustrates the project

Immersive storytelling

At the start of the journey, every participant is handed an iPad – their tool and companion for the adventure. Guided by the tour guide, these iPads become portals to the interactive experience, offering stunning videos, brain-teasing puzzles, and augmented reality scenarios that make the history of the experience come alive.  Every digital interaction is curated to spark joy, stimulate curiosity, and encourage exploration.The museum becomes a treasure trove of clues and challenges as participants journey through time to assist Jo.  Our collective help to Jo's guide them through different epochs, exploring and learning archeological practices such as digging, cleaning, restoring or documenting. Each step brings us closer to our goal – helping Jo find their way back home.

Co-creation process

From April 2022, creatives from Neeeu, archeology experts and a panel of users gathered for a week to learn about archeology and co-create concepts for a digital experience in the museum of archeology of Herne. The workshop took place near an archeological site in Bibracte, France, to fully immerse in the subject.

An image that illustrates the project

The museum as an escape room

The puzzles in Lost in Time Time are ingeniously designed to reflect various aspects of archaeological practice, making exploring history an engaging and interactive endeavour.  Some challenges require strategic thinking and skill application, mirroring the meticulous process of archaeological excavation. Others are centered on exploration, offering participants a chance to immerse themselves in the diverse objects represented within the museum. Observation and memory-based tasks underscore the significance of detail and recall in preserving historical knowledge.  Augmented Reality technology seamlessly merges these interactions with the museum's collection, adding a layer of wonder and magic to the experience. These varied and technology-infused puzzles provide entertainment and offer a unique, hands-on understanding of archaeology.

To be honest, I actually think museums are shit, but today was really cool!

— Denis, 17 years old

Fostering Group Dynamics

Lost in Time Time is primarily a group event.
Engaging with Lost in Time Time as a group enriches the learning experience, fostering camaraderie and skill development. This interactive tour encourages communication, idea exchange, and collective discovery, creating a more impactful and enjoyable museum visit centered around archaeological techniques.

My son has really liked it, he just asked me how to become a Museum Guide!

— Katja, 38 years old