eBay Bee Day - A custom AI game and event to celebrate spring

client: eBay Gemany


eBay Bee Day

eBay Germany asked NEEEU to come up with a brand activation concept around the concept of “a happier city”. As a result, we developed an event format to coincide with International Bee Day. In just five weeks we produced a public event, a custom-built an AI algorithm alongside full body motion game, as well as a video for the online campaign that generated millions of impressions on social media.

How a brand activation doubled as an environmental awareness campaign

Wildlife in general is suffering from human-induced environmental change. Bees and insects in urban areas are particularly affected. So when eBay approached us to create a brand activation campaign around the concept of "a happier city", we proposed taking that opportunity to raise public awareness about the fate of urban bees and insects.


A playful AI event

In 2019, the first eBay Bee Day was launched in Berlin. Money was raised for the bees, many happy faces were seen, and a successful media campaign followed. The event included free DIY seed-bomb workshops and a custom-made interactive installation. Neeeu produced a video for the campaign that has by now generated more than 2 million impressions for eBay.de on Facebook and Instagram.

Creating audience engagement with a custom made AI algorithm based game

As we were operating in a public space, we did not have the benefit of a captive audience. In this context, getting people to stop and engage with an event can be challenging. To encourage passers by to stop and interact, we designed and developed from scratch a custom video game using full body motion tracking. Those who stopped to play were turned into bees, ladybugs, and caterpillars. People crouched, jumped, and waved their wings to fend off environmental hazards. This was more than just a game however: by jumping and clapping, players helped raise €5000 for “Deutschland Summt” – an initiative that works to improve the living conditions of insects in Germany.