Technicians - Interactive installations at the David Sainsbury Gallery

client: Science Museum in London


An interactive introduction into the crucial but hidden world of technicians

The Science Museum London opened a new interactive gallery providing glimpses into the career of technicians. NEEEU developed a series of interactive exhibits for the topics renewable energy and health science, tailored for 11-16-year-olds. Visitors can handle essential items technicians use every day and try out interactive exhibits which replicate the important tasks technicians perform. 


The Challenge

How might we inform young people about the different technicians roles, discover more about the varied routes into these important careers and to inspire tomorrow’s technicians? (How might we design digital exhibits to empower young people (11-16) to imagine themselves in the role of technicians and to explore that career path?)

go behind the scenes with technicians working in health science and renewable energy

As part of the gallery's energy networks area, visitors are welcomed by a wind turbine technician. The gallery showcases the technicians who are responsible for constructing, maintaining, and repairing the networks that power our world, often working in challenging outdoor or extreme environments. Visitors have the opportunity to try their hand at diagnosing and resolving problems similar to a wind turbine technician.

An image that illustrates the project

diagnose problems as a wind turbine technician

Here visitors are taking on the role of a power network technician performing maintenance works on a substation model using a prop of a thermal camera.


Health science – Pipetting

Visitors process a virtual blood sample using a moveable pipette prop letting them experience a core skill of a healthcare laboratory technician.


Make lifesaving medicine in a pharmaceutical lab

In the role of a pharmacy laboratory technician visitors will create bespoke drugs for patients in NHS Hospitals and perform the steps necessary to produce medicine for the treatment of patients.

An image that illustrates the project

Introduction to the profession of NHS Pharmacy Technician

The interactive exhibits in the health science area simulate tasks performed by NHS technicians. The tasks performed by NHS technicians, such as preparing IV bags, checking medicines for contamination and pipetting, require exceptional accuracy. With this in mind, we have developed the interactive exhibits with similar accuracy and attention to detail to inspire the next generations. Image credit: Visitors test their skills in the Health Science area of Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery © Science Museum Group

Really proud to have worked with such a passionate and enthusiastic team, all dedicated to inspiring the futures of young people and sharing the hidden world of the technician.

— Rebecca Raven, Associate Curator at Science Museum Group