Your Data Mirror - An interactive storytelling exposing political manipulation on Instagram

client: Interactive Media Foundation



The spread of disinformation and misinformation, and the use of online data to influence our opinions, are some of the most pressing issues of our time. YOUR DATA MIRROR invites you to learn all about these topics and to take action! YDM is an immersive multimedia experience produced in collaboration with the University of Cambridge – Psychometrics Centre, Tactical Tech, Ag-prop and the Interactive Media Foundation.


The Challenge

How to empower teenagers in the fight against online data collection, targeted advertising and political manipulation?

real data, real stories

YOUR DATA MIRROR is composed of multiple parts, on one side, an AI powered interactive storytelling experience, and on the other, a portal with information shaped to meet the needs and curiosity of our teenage audience.

A new generation of Interactive Storytelling.



An Instagram-first experience that uses AI (a system built by the University of Cambridge - Psychometrics Centre) and algorithms.


The experience shows each user how a sophisticated psychological profile of them can be created from their instagram photos and their captions.


IT presents your online identity back to you and forms a tense and thrilling narrative around it. It’s a retro-futuristic, queer and desparate adventure!

An image that illustrates the project


The Data Mirror has received the following awards: two Webby Awards : Activism - Webby winner 2022 & Charitable Organization / Non-profit - Webby winner 2022, two Gold Awards (ANTHEM AWARDS): Education, Art, & Culture Campaign - Non-Profit & Education, Art, & Culture Innovation Product - Non-Profit, one Gold Award (MULTIMEDIA ANNUAL): Digital Special Formats, two Prizes (Comenius EduMedia): Comenius EduMedia Siegel 2022 & Comenius Edumedia Medaille 2022.


A story that adapts to your own psychological profile

The YOUR DATA MIRROR EXPERIENCE uses AI to adapt to the personality of the viewer and changes the narrative ending according to their own unique psychological profile. It will change the ending of the story based on what is likely to make the user act! Each ending is curated in the hope it will drive the audience to the PORTAL where they can find out more and learn how to protect themselves.


Ask the experts!

Involving teenagers in every step of the process made sure that our interventions spoke their language - whether that be punky, twee, serious or glitchy futuristic with retro vibes (they went for the last one…).

Keep calm...

Those who visit YOUR DATA MIRROR “PORTAL” can find out more information about their data, where it goes, and how it is connected to society. We worked with the experts at Tactical Tech to make sure this space was deeply rooted in real world examples.

…let’s find solutions!

Customised “how to…” instructions give the users information and guidance about how to protect themselves and others online. Top tip: refuse the cookies!

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It's about preserving the freedom and possibilities of digital space, while limiting the dangers as much as possible.

— Maya Puig, Creative Producer - Interactive Media Foundation